Animalization Victim

Animalization Victim
This is JJ - this is his face when he realized he was being animalized. he's slow, it took him til we had 5 or so before he came to the realization.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

noodles and a surprise!!

jj made these!!! all by hisself! with the help i supposed of his 1/4 italian blood...

quite proud and ready to try them... they were good tho, in all seriousness!!

and the surprise...
look close, or enlarge the pic... jj and i used to lunch at cherry creek reservoir by his old crappy office in aurora. people boat on it, and ride jetskis... one day, we saw a dude riding big circles on his jetski... at first we thought it was two dudes riding together. but on one pass when they came closer to the shore where we were sitting, we saw it was in fact...
a man and his dog.
a golden retriever.
then he pulled up to the shore and the dog jumped off and swam to the shore. he was not wearing a lifejacket.

jasmine and the fake yellow dog

weirded OUT.

and keeping an eye-corner out for any false moves...

da beans!!

kai loves watching tv... usually just animals. but this for some reason really caught his attention: win a date with tad hamilton?! the scene where they're cutting the log with their shirts off?!

no more fraggle face!!! this pic just taken 2 days ago

loves to hang off the edge of his doggiebed...

and also loves to suck on the armpits of jj's undershirts!!! EEEW!!! he loves jj SOOO much. he does this when jj is in the shower and the shirt is on the floor just outside the bathroom. he does it almost every day. i hate to think what the crusty deodorant is doing to his stomach lining...

Friday, February 12, 2010

oh das minis...

hard days for da boo
ooh moxie found a nice bed! kinda small tho...

the second she got up (tooooo small), boo was waiting to try it out!

and now, time for some minimakeouts.

juju beans

bein juju beans...

with her partner in crime...

theyre always together! (oh look, its moo in her favorite spot.)


extreeeeeeeme closeup...
trying to get her away from me so i can see her profile... a shoe usually does the trick

playin in her first snow in her first blankie!!


poooor poooor da boooo... poopy skirt is NO fun!

moxie looking dazed and confused... rough nite??

da boo love daddy...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Additional Blog

for your continued enjoyment in watching the expansion of jj's world... we are now adding a non-puppy/kitten/foal baby to our crazy overloaded household!!

visit to read all about it!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yay Tay Tay!

and yay grammy!
semi-finalists at congress :) (top 30 out of 139 horses)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

enjoying the green pastures of ohio!

i just love that cutie little face!!!

taylor doesnt know what green grass is... but she knows its awesome!! i am soooo glad to finally have her in ohio. she is much happier at grammy's house!